The Book of Sand

a night in the graveyard and shifting alliances

The party encountered Alaris the necromancer in the pauper’s graveyard in a bit of a pickle with a Morhg. Through an immense amount of luck Adodak was able to command undead the monster, taking it with the party as an additional member. he also charmed alaris who promptly invited the party to her abode.

there, the party met a mysterious party of masked and cloaked worshippers who had been employing alaris to try and get information from long dead members of their order. they too were hunting Crugator’s book and claimed it was worth untold riches; that they would share the wealth with the party if the party managed to reclaim the book. as the party accepted a deal to perform the hunt for this cult (instead of for the mysterious Halfling) the halfling’s crow erupted from elwin’s baggage and flew off into the sky.

the cultists recognize the bird as the familiar of Melluena, a rather evil and high ranking servant in the cult of Vecna.

the party negotiated an immediate departure with a map of crugator’s path from the cultists, who would lead the party to their hideout. as the crowd departed, the mysterious halfling blocked their path with a small band of zombies. the cultists tried to fight their way out, but to their surprise (and the dm’s surprise) the party sided with the halfling and promptly murdered alaris and helped take down the cultists.

melluena was highly pleased by the party’s actions (now seeing that what she thought of as betrayal as merely exceptional evil and opportunist), and began preparing to interrogate the seeming leader of the defeated cultists.



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