The Book of Sand

An Escape

of some kind

Elwin, Olim, Adodak, Anorak, Pip and Talomyr did not know each other before
ending up in the same cell block. After getting jailbroken by a morbid and
mysterious halfling they perhaps knew each other a little more than they’d
otherwise care to.

The mysterious benefactor left the party on their own, telling them she’d meet
them in the sewer below the prison. The party snuck around looking for their
requisitioned gear and found it in a nearby storeroom but not before accosting
and accidentally killing the human laborer asleep on the job atop some boxes.

Adodak had the bright idea to gag the laborer with a nearby potato. This didn’t
do much to calm his struggling, so Olim cast Remove Fear, emboldening the
laborer to face the escaped prisoners. This made him unwilling to share
information until Pip’s well-timed diplomacy check got him to admit there was a
sewer grate somewhere on the lower level. Back went in the potato and the party
argued about how to silence the laborer.

Elwin’s lullaby failed to put the man to sleep but did nearly lull the rest of
the party. Pip was getting ready to shove beer bottles through the potato and
force feed them to the laborer. Talomyr intervened to simply knock out the
laborer with his shield but hit a little too hard: the man died.

The party headed for the lower level and discovered a sobbing, crying elf
trapped in a lower cell. Sadly they chose to leave her instead of giving her

Adodak confers with a rat to learn more about some sounds of suffering coming
from behind a closed heavy door. He’s not able to learn much other than that
there is plenty of “food” in there for the rat: some “warm” but most “cold”.

Pip cracked open a door to find a Flaming Fist interrogator “working” on a
suspect using a dagger. When pip failed to hit the interrogator with a Sleep
bolt Adodak took matters into his own relatively small gnomish hands and lobbed
a potion of fire directly at the antagonist, killing him and setting him
alight. Sadly this took the suspect out too and ignited a pile of finished
“suspects” in the corner.

The smell of burning flesh and the black corpsesmoke alerts the guard, whose
marshalling was faintly audible two floors up. The party began frantically
trying to move the burning bodies, noticing that the flow of blood in the room
all headed there (presumably to a sewer grate).

Pip had the bright idea of urinating on the fire to help put it out. This failed
miserably and he received rather intense burns.

Talomyr and the others began hauling corpses while Adodak threw a nearby bucket of blood
on the flames. Several suffered burns but managed to uncover the grate as the
guard reached the door and began bashing it. Olim opened the grate and got hit
by a dart trap; Pip lunged at the whole but critically failed his tumble check
resulting in a sickening crash into the sewer.

Olim summoned a badger as the guards bashed through the door and made his way

The mysterious halfling reappeared in the sewer as promised with a Ghoul
assistant. She magically used a pile of corpses (that broke Pip’s fall) to seal
the grate and prevent the guards from getting down. She instructed the party to
head due south, take the first sewer exit, and go to the Blade and Stars inn.

The party smashed their way through a few zombies and made it to the Inn
only a little worse for wear.



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