The Book of Sand

Graveyard Bumbling

The party faced the mysterious, cloaked Halfling at the Blade and Stars inn. She was hostile, threatening, and demanding in issuing her quest: that the 6 adventurers track down a mage named Curthwait and retrieve from him a book crucially needed by her “Lord.” Curthwait is powerful and his location is unknown; all the halfling knows is that he is heading west. The only lead is a Necromancer named Alaris who had recently written to Curthwait and resides yet somewhere in Baldur’s Gate. This task must be completed in order to repay the freedom given by the halfling and her ‘lord’ on pain of death. An old, tattered crow is given to the party as a chaperone (and, they suspect, spy).

The party decides to set out immediately and investigate one of the three major graveyards in Baldur’s Gate for signs of Alaris (for, where else would necromancers hang out?). They headed to the Seafarer’s graveyard deep in the Docks district. On the way they encountered and messily dispatched some ruffians. The lone survivor fled.

The party overheard two patrolling guards talking about the relative calm at this graveyard compared to the recent bizarre graverobbing scandal at the upper-class cemetary near Duchal Palace. They surmised the Pauper’s cemetary was next to be hit as they couldn’t afford as many guards as the docks district.

Olim managed to anger one of the patrolling guards with a mis-timed Obscuring Mist spell. the guard opened the gates to give chase and what proceeded was a series of mishaps and cursing. Thankfully, no one died.

Adodak’s raven familiar patrolled the area and reported that the surviving ruffian had gathered several members of his gang. They hunted the party and it was a slow and laborious journey back the to Blade and Stars (but combat was avoided).

By now it was nearly dawn and the party (thanks to Olim’s negotiation) managed to secure a private room at the Blade and Stars. The crow left and returned in the morning with some gold for the cash-strapped party (another gift from their “benefactor”).

After some detective work, primarily by Olim, the party resolved to head for the pauper’s graveyard.



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